My work is an inspiring invitation to go
beyond thought structures and belief systems.


Juliette has studied art, photography and design at Minerva in Groningen, the School of Fine arts in Athens and deepened jewellery techniques at the Vakschool in Schoonhoven. In addition to her continuing studies in philosophy and psychology, she studied, among other things, ancient wisdom cultures, authentic yoga sources and in-depth Ayurveda. She currently focuses on philosophical issues surrounding the human psyche and human autonomy.

Juliette has held exhibitions of her Fine Art, photography and jewellery in several art galleries and art spaces. She designed for a wide variety of commissioned and independent projects. Her poetic texts have become collector’s items that inspire many. When she was still a student, she won the first prize in a design contest for the Royal flag for the wedding of the king and queen of the Netherlands.

Juliette has a varied background in which people and their authenticity are always central. In addition to her professional activities in the art and design world, she owned a meeting design studio with her partner Frank Eijkelkamp, in which they have been supervising all kinds of meetings, conventions, internal communication processes and leadership trainings. Unconventional projects in which an experience was created where a different view of reality gave participants the space for permanent change and inspiration.

More than 10 years ago, her passion for philosophy and psychology led to guiding practical and in-depth retreats and individual counseling throughout the Netherlands and beyond. With her partner Frank, Juliette is the owner and founder of Retreat centre The Land of Now. In various projects, they inspire positive actions for a sustainable and non-violent world and create space for the essence. The core of their mission is the same: empowering people to improve the quality of their lives and relationships from their own strength and to realise social change.

Her love for creation, however, is a never ending story. In every project, whether it is a social project or an art project, (or combined), Juliette brings things back to the essence and inspires you to look beyond truths and fixed structures: inspired action for social change.

Juliette Reniers
Juliette Reniers

Inspired action for social change

  • Philosophical Thinker
  • Independent Artist
  • Designer